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  • Give

    Every quiclink that is sent, a portion of money generated is sent to a charity. We support many charities like food charity, water charity etc.

    The more you share, the more you give and everybody wins

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    links Fast

    When you find something on the internet that you think your friend might find useful, you should be able to share it fast and with the least amount of thought and effort.

    Now there is a way where you can share with as few as 3 clicks and it literally takes less than 3 seconds.

  • Play
    and Win

    As you share quiclinks with your friends and family, you will acquire points. The more points you have the better your chance to beat your fellow users.

    As you complete different goals by sending out links you are awarded badges and your rank increases !!

  • Testimonials

    Wow, I never knew it could be this easy! Thank's Quiclink you rock! -by Mary Dorsia, NH

    I love how simple and fast I can share web pages now! No more typing or remembering my friend's email just click and share. -by Mitchel Frey, OH

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