What is Quiclink ?

Quiclink is the fast, fun and social way to send links to the world.

Send a link within 3 clicks, earn badges all this while making the world a better place to live.

  • QuicLink is a tool that allows you share links quickly with your friends and family.
  • Once installed just long click on any webpage and the login/register dialog will pop-up. You can login, register or login with your facebook credentials. If you have logged in with your Facebook credentials you will have a ton of friends to share with already, if you have created a new login you will have to add new friends.
  • If you need to add friends you can do so by clicking the Quiclink "q" in the toolbar, selecting add friend and adding a friend with this window. You can add a picture and your friend's first + last names and email address.
  • Once you have logged in and added all your friends you can click and press on any webpage and your QuicLink window will pop-up. Now you can select friends to share with. If you just want to get the link out quickly you can select your friends then click send now, if you would like to add a message or more you can click more options.
  • Should you want to add a message or post to your own twitter feed or facebook wall and clicked on more options you will arrive on this screen. Here you can click on the twitter or facebook icon from a red X to a green check to denote posting to that platform, you may also add a message with your link.
  • Once you have settled on where and who you are sending the link to you just hit send and the link is on its way through the interwebs.
  • To manage your account, friends and groups just click on the QuicLink "Q" in the toolbar.